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A concrete structure, consisting of Thermowalls (see detail), mounted on the foundations and reinforced concrete plate as calculated with the data of the ground study and engineers’ office, together with insulated masonry of the type Thermocilla (= very high grade insulated clay brick in compliance with latest European insulation values and with a minimum wall thickness of 37cm.)


The entire villa is equipped with both acoustic and thermal insulation and this according to the latest European directives. EPN standards.
For example: Roof insulation 12cm PU


The flat roofs are provided with a polyurethane insulating layer of 12cm thick. The finish is POLUREA with 20 years factory warranty. For sloping roofs, a wooden impregnated roof construction is provided between which the required insulation, 20cm rockwool, is applied upon which the clay roof tiles will be fitted with a choice of colours. Standard: WIENERBERGER.


All windows are fitted with safety, solar control and self-cleaning thermal glass. SAINT GOBAIN brand or equivalent. The windows consist of aluminium profiles with a 3-room insulation system. The colour of the frames can be chosen by the customer from the manufacturer’s colour palette. All windows and exterior doors have granite sills. The direction of rotation of the windows is in consultation with the client. All windows which are not sliding windows consist of turn/tilt. Brand SCHUCO type AWS55, SAPA type A140, PROFEL type Drito 70 or an equivalent manufacturer.


Iberis Projects conform to all energy conservation regulations and achieve the A-label in energy efficiency.


Walls and ceilings are made of metal stud and drywall wherein the necessary techniques such as air conditioning, electricity, ventilation and other techniques are applied. All interior walls, where no drywall is used, are covered with a layer of plaster. These are painted in a primer and a final colour, colour to be chosen by the customer from the standard RAL-colour palette.


All doors have a standard height of 210 cm and are top quality, type according to the choice of the customer from a large collection of IBERIS INTERIOR. The dressings are carried out in the same quality and colour as the inside doors.


The insulated floor is provided with a ceramic tile. The walls of the sanitary rooms are fitted with a ceramic wall tile that is placed up to ceiling height. Wooden flooring and epoxy flooring is an option. All floors and walls are finished with tiles chosen by the customer in one of the suppliers specified by the contractor.


All walk-in showers are equipped with a thermostatic faucet with head shower of the GROHE brand, type Raindance and with a separate hand shower.All toilets are hanging toilets from the GEBERIT brand. All water taps are standard from the GROHE brand. A mechanical ventilation is provided for all sanitary rooms.


The necessary inspections are executed and according to the latest European regulations. The fuse boxes are with automatic fuses. All the lighting devices are recessed spotlights, type LED. These will also consist of LED lighting in the garage and technical room. The entire installation is carried out according to plans. Brand of the switches is NIESEN. Brand and type spots is WEVER AND DUCRE or equivalent, type Deep 5 Watt.


All rooms are equipped with individual AC-units to achieve maximum energy savings and a water based under floor heating system with heat pump. Brand DAIKIN or VALLIANT. The entire villa is equipped with air heating and air-cooling system according to a central pipe system with heat pumps. DAIKIN and ALTHERMA.


There is a pre-installation for any subsequent installation for the alarm of choice.


All necessary pipes and connections for the kitchen are provided according to the plan of the client.


The pool is built according to the plans and is equipped with all techniques and LED lighting. The glass filter, pumps and control mechanisms are from the STARLINE brand or equivalent. An automatic control system for the addition of the products is provided. The inside of the pool and stairs are finished in glass tiles (gresite) or a liner.


An architecturally landscaped private garden is foreseen according to the plans and of the type with a minimum of maintenance. The garden is provided with an irrigation system and fence. All maintenance services during the warranty period will be provided with the necessary guarantees. The entrance and access to the front door is done in printed concrete.

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